IceRiver KS0 ULTRA


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IceRiver KS0 ULTRA Miner Overview

Manufacturer and Model

The IceRiver KS0 ULTRA, released in May 2024, is the latest addition to IceRiver’s lineup of high-performance cryptocurrency miners.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Measuring 200 x 194 x 74mm and weighing just 2500g, the KS0 ULTRA is designed for easy installation and portability.

Quiet Operation

With a noise level of only 35db and no fans, this miner operates quietly, making it suitable for home use.

Efficient Power Consumption

The KS0 ULTRA consumes only 100W of power and requires a voltage of 19-20V DC, ensuring efficient energy use.

Reliable Connectivity

Equipped with an Ethernet interface, the KS0 ULTRA provides stable and reliable network connectivity for uninterrupted mining.

Operating Conditions

The miner operates optimally in temperatures between 5 – 35 °C and humidity levels of 10 – 90 %, making it versatile for various environments.

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