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ICERIVER KS3 Miner Overview

Manufacturer and Model

The ICERIVER KS3 miner, also known as ICERIVER KAS KS3, is a high-performance mining device released in September 2023 by IceRiver.

Dimensions and Weight

The miner has a compact size of 370 x 195 x 290mm and weighs 14400g, making it suitable for various mining setups.

Noise Level and Cooling

Equipped with 2 fans, the KS3 operates at a noise level of 75db, ensuring efficient cooling while maintaining a manageable noise output.

Power and Voltage

The ICERIVER KS3 requires 3200W of power and operates within a voltage range of 170-300V AC, providing robust and stable performance.

Interface and Environmental Requirements

Featuring an Ethernet interface, the miner ensures reliable connectivity. It is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 5 to 35 °C and humidity levels between 10 to 90%.


The ICERIVER KS3 miner combines compact design, powerful performance, and efficient cooling, making it an excellent choice for cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts.

ks3 specification


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