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Introducing the IceRiver KS5L Miner


Manufacturer and Model

The IceRiver KS5L is a state-of-the-art miner released in April 2024 by the renowned manufacturer IceRiver.

Compact and Robust Design

With dimensions of 370 x 198 x 290mm, the KS5L is designed to fit comfortably in various mining setups. Despite its compact size, it weighs a solid 15,000 grams, ensuring stability during operation.

Performance and Efficiency

The KS5L miner operates at a noise level of 75db, thanks to its two built-in fans. It requires a power supply of 3400W, delivering high performance while maintaining efficiency.

Connectivity and Interface

For seamless integration into your mining network, the KS5L is equipped with an Ethernet interface, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer.

Operating Conditions

The miner is designed to function optimally in a temperature range of 5 to 35 °C and can handle humidity levels between 10 to 90%, making it suitable for various environmental conditions.


The IceRiver KS5L miner is a powerful and efficient solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, combining robust design, high performance, and reliable connectivity.

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